Dearest Doug

Last week Doug Comstock went to be with his Savior. Although I did not have the privilege of having many conversations with Doug, each one I did was so memorable. He led my dad to Christ, and in the sadness of his earthly parting, I wrote out what I would have loved to tell Doug. I will tell him face to face one day.

To the man I barely knew
But owe so much of my life to.
You lived life with such purpose and care,
Along with Suzie, you were the sweetest pair.

You were a faithful friend to all around you;
Your actions were always kind and true.
Through the example of your daily walk,
My dad began to question the way he lived and talked.

>He once walked in darkness and fear,
But because the value of your friendship was dear,
>He listened and admired what he could not measure,
Until the Spirit revealed the beauty of this treasure.

Whoever believes has Eternal Life.
This promise would free him from his worry and strife.

You introduced him to his true Savior,
And from then on everything changed in his behavior.
He experienced the depth of joy.
He skipped through life with the happiness of a little boy.

That day God gave him a new heart,
And a passion for the lost that would never part.
He cherished the beauty of prayer,
>A trait you both clearly shared.

You see much of who I am today
Is because of the faith my father displays.
His deep devotion to God has challenged me,
He always loves to spend time with the Father, especially on his knees.

>So when you look at the big picture,
Your life has been such a grand fixture.
You put the kindness of Christ on display
And showed the joy of the Lord day by day.

Your care for our family has always put me in awe.
You have truly been my spiritual Grandpa.
>I look forward to the day where we can all sit together,
Where in God’s presence we can laugh and talk forever.


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