Joy for all the World

What is the hope this season truly brings?

What is the meaning of the joyous words so many sing?

Long ago, a promise for restoration was made

Yet through the years of waiting this truth seemed to fade.

Would the debts and wounds of sin ever be paid?


But when Heaven’s Child came as a sweet baby,

He dismissed the fears of Someday…Maybe.

His arrival was assurance- God was not indifferent to His own.

He had taken notice of ever plea and melancholy moan.

With flesh and blood He showed them they were not alone.


This night was the unfolding of a promise coming to life.

Everyone would soon meet the One who could heal every strife.

Still, this story was so different than what many thought it would be.

Instead of a palace and mighty steed for all to see,

The child was born where everyone sat on hay and bended knee.


His arrival paved the way for lasting peace,

The enmity between God and us would finally cease.

God’s perfect and precious One became a lowly man,

To fulfill the beauty of this long-foretold plan.

On His righteousness all mankind could finally stand.


He is why we have assured hope this season,

Even though against Him we have committed countless acts of treason.

He bestowed kindness upon us all with the beauty of this birth,

Showing beloved gentleness  and undeserved worth.

This was and is the gift for all the earth.


Joy to the world the Lord has come!

This is where our security stems from.

He rules with such truth and grace,

And soon again we will see His radiant face.

These are the wonders of His love

That ensure hope until He comes again from above.  

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