Everlasting Hope

Life holds a measure of uncertainty for all of us in these days. And while some moments can be overwhelming, hope remains for every believer, no mater the season.

Without any inkling or warning, it came.

Not just in a small dose,
But in an instant nothing was the same. 

The shadow of fear crept into our homes
Instead of bearing this hand in hand, 
We are separated from those we love.
For protection, we are forced to be alone. 

Lights are dimmed, doors locked, curtains closed.
The beloved places full with melodies of joy and laughter, 
Will they open again?
Or will silence be the only song they compose? 

What we never questioned, we fret about daily.
Helpless, jobless, penniless, aimless, hopeless.
How are we to survive this wretched season?
We have come face to face with our own frailty. 

Oh where, where can we find it? 
What good news is there for our weary souls? 

In the sad darkness speaks a faint whisper, 
Hope exists, far stronger than this winter.

Every cold and unwelcomed hour 
Has a purpose our eyes cannot see.
There is One who guides with unrelenting goodness. 
He is but sowing seeds of everlasting flowers.

He created the whirling skies and the boisterous seas. 
And He gave each star a name.
His power and might are allied with attentive care.
He hears the sighing of our pleas. 

This Creator is a Father to His own.
He never expected us to grasp all the answers,
Never placed the burden of salvation on our backs. 
Instead He sent His Son so we would never have to be alone. 

A great disease once ruled all the land,
Every soul felt the weight of this darkness,
No man’s strength or wisdom could defeat it. 
The despair was more than anyone could withstand. 

This Son became the light and remedy we could never deliver. 
By His life He loved and served in utter perfection, 
By His death He defeated the darkness we could not escape,
And by His resurrection He made a way for us to turn to the true Giver. 

This present time will be full of questions, sorrows and delight,
Days will hold both friendship and loneliness, both bitterness and love.
These earthly circumstances are not the foundation of hope.
Each chapter shows that He alone can make things right.

Though the earth gives way or mountains quake
He is the everlasting Hope the world cannot break.
This is the good news for every weak and weary soul,
In every season, in every plea, He will make us whole. 

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