Abuelita Mia

As her worn but steady hand turned the knob, She could hear Riley’s sniffling sobs. The pillow had become her cover.She refused to talk, even to her mother.But this wise mama knew Abuelita Ruby had the special touchTo cheer Riley up when she didn’t want to say much.  “Thanks for coming Mama. I’m afraid Riley’s had anContinue reading “Abuelita Mia”

The Unicorn in the Room

When the time came for the Q&A, my hand shot up. I had focused so intently on the content that I had completely forgotten my surroundings. The guest professor, a well-known theologian, cleared his throat and said, “Yes, um, you in the unicorn suit.” I froze. I forgot what I was wearing. This rather embarrassingContinue reading “The Unicorn in the Room”