The Stories Behind the Names

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about my names. My parents chose their favorite Bible characters, Hannah and Ruth, and I believe the hope was that I would take after these godly, bold women. I’ve told my dad on more than a few occasions they may have set the bar a little too high!Continue reading “The Stories Behind the Names”

A Faithful Friend- In Memory of Doug Comstock

I am greatly indebted to A man I hardly knew Doug lived each moment with purpose and care And dearly loved his wife–they were the sweetest pair. My father yearned for some kind of direction And took comfort in Doug’s brotherly affection. He wondered if this Gospel message could be true If so, that wouldContinue reading “A Faithful Friend- In Memory of Doug Comstock”

Singleness, Studying, and the Sovereignty of God

As a kid I always look forward to treats ( I have my dad’s sweet tooth) and would get excited about almost anything dessert-like. But the best treats were the surprise ones. On special occasions my mom would come home from the grocery store and tell me she got me something “just for fun.” ItContinue reading “Singleness, Studying, and the Sovereignty of God”