The Promise of What Is

What, a word that begins a simple question.Add if, and you create a whole world of tension.The collection of unknowns becomes the foundationOf a most unpredictable, unstable condition.  What if the answer never comes?What if the answer is a dreaded outcome?What if I’m the invisible one in the background?What if my load causes me toContinue reading “The Promise of What Is”

The Friendship I Like Best

There’s a story that stands out from the rest.And it’s one I like to hear best,For never was there a friendship like Naomi and Ruth,Founded on acts of selflessness and truth. Doubt led the family to sojourn far From the land of their own community.The promises of Yahweh felt below par, And faithless disobedience sowed disunity.They abandonedContinue reading “The Friendship I Like Best”

Abuelita Mia

As her worn but steady hand turned the knob, She could hear Riley’s sniffling sobs. The pillow had become her cover.She refused to talk, even to her mother.But this wise mama knew Abuelita Ruby had the special touchTo cheer Riley up when she didn’t want to say much.  “Thanks for coming Mama. I’m afraid Riley’s had anContinue reading “Abuelita Mia”

Everlasting Hope

Life holds a measure of uncertainty for all of us in these days. And while some moments can be overwhelming, hope remains for every believer, no mater the season. Without any inkling or warning, it came. Change.Not just in a small dose,But in an instant nothing was the same.  The shadow of fear crept intoContinue reading “Everlasting Hope”

A Faithful Friend- In Memory of Doug Comstock

I am greatly indebted to A man I hardly knew Doug lived each moment with purpose and care And dearly loved his wife–they were the sweetest pair. My father yearned for some kind of direction And took comfort in Doug’s brotherly affection. He wondered if this Gospel message could be true If so, that wouldContinue reading “A Faithful Friend- In Memory of Doug Comstock”